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Barbecue on the terrace with live musician

13.06.2017 - 13.06.2017

Menu of grilled specialities
200g Filleted Flapsteak
with Maldon´s salt 265 CZK

200g Picanha steak
with coriander dip with honey 325 CZK

300g Ribeye steak
with estragon butter 395 CZK

400g Lamb knee with thyme 345 CZK

300g Rainbow trout in papillot
with herb and butter 265 CZK

Side dishes
Baked potato with creme fraiche and chive 55 CZK
Salad of baby spinach cherry tomato and fresh grapefruit 65 CZK
Grilled vegetable (zucchini, pepper, shallot, fennel, champignons) 65 CZK

Mushrooms sauce 45 CZK
Salsa verde (herb) 45 CZK
Shallots with coriander 45 CZK


You can also choose from our regural á la carte menu.

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