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Grandma´s cousine

31.01.2017 - 11.02.2017
Dear guests,

we would like to invite you on a tasting dishes of grandma´s cuisine.
Our chefs are going to prepare imaginative combination of traditional Czech dishes and modern cuisine.
Do not miss this unique opportunity to taste dishes from our grandfathers and grandmothers time.
Following specialities are going to be prepared during all day.

60g Roll of veal rump stuffed with chestnut stuffing,
zucchini ragout with tomatoes and oystr mushrooms,
salsify chips 105 CZK

0,20l Dill soup with mushrooms, quail egg and fresh dill 65 CZK

Main dishes
250g Stuffed quail with almond stuffing wrapped in bacon,
mashed potatoes with spinach, caramelized shallots 295 CZK

450g Slowly roasted goose leg with ginger, cabbage beetroot
honey, potato pancakes with roasted onions 325 CZK

200g Rabbit roll with mushrooms wrapped in the midriff,
pumpkin puree with coriander, glazed carrots in cane
sugar, brandy demi glace 265 CZ

150g Plum ravioli with chocolate-walnut sauce 85 CZK

Reservations and information call 545 176 565 or email to info@sunset-restaurant.cz.