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Venison feast

11.10.2016 - 29.10.2016
Dear guests,

we would like to invite you to a venison feast. The autumn time has started, so we have created a seasonal menu that consists typical food for this season. Therefore, come and taste the specialties of the game.

60g Venison pate with port wine and almonds onion marmalade 105 CZK

0,25l Strong pheasant broth with julienne vegetables and noodles 54 CZK

Main dishes
200g Deer tenderloin steak with rosemary chanterelles mushrooms sauce with white wine, zucchini rösti 395 CZK
200g Stuffed pheasant stuffed grape and walnuts, potato gratin with smoky bacon, port wine sauce 275 CZK
200g Boar ridge on the grill with lemon thyme, roasted mashed potatoes, demi-glace blackberry and caramelized chestnuts 265 CZK
200g Hare leg on black prunes marinated in brandy, bacon gnocchi 275 CZK
150g Deer ragout with juniper and honey pears, gingerbread croquettes with candied apricots 265 CZK


100g Cinnamon-vanilla creme brulee with blueberries 85 CZK


We look forward to your visit and enjoy your meal.

Reservations and information call 545 176 565 or email to info@sunset-restaurant.cz.