11.12. – 15.12.2017

11:00 - 14:00

Chicken broth with herb pasta, meat and vegetables 35 CZK
1. Potato pancake stuffed with cabbage 95 CZK
2. Medallions from pork tenderloin wrapped in parmasan crumbs,
mashed potatoes 105 CZK

French onion soup with cheese croutons 35 CZK
1. Pork skewer with livers, onion and bacon, baked potatoes, garlic dip 95 CZK
2. Beer goulas, homemade bread dumplings, feferoni, red onion 105 CZK


Creamy soup with mushrooms, potatoe, dill and egg 35 CZK
1. Chicken roulade stuffed with green peas and pepper, potato purée with basil 95 CZK
2. Grilled pork neck marinated with smoked salt, champignons stuffed with cheese 105 CZK

Smoked soup with groats 35 CZK
1. Baked blood sausage and sausage-meat, sour cabbage, boiled potato 95 CZK
2. Turkey steak with parma ham and mozzarella, gnocchi with onion 105 CZK


Beef broth with livers dumplings, vegetable and noodles 35 CZK
1. Potato gnocchi with brynza cheese and bacon, chive 95 CZK
2. Fried pork schnitzel, potato purée, gherkin 105 CZK


Speciality of the week
150g Rabbit roulade stuffed with Tyrol bacon and sage, salsify purée, baby carrot and sakura 155 CZK

Daily dessert
100g Coconut cake with raspberries 65 CZK