19.3. – 23.3.2018

11:00 - 14:00


Cauliflower soup with bread croutons krém 35 CZK
1. Spinach tagliolini with sundried tomatoes and fennel 95 CZK
2. Turkey steak garatinated mozzarella, potato purée with sage 105 CZK


Veal broth with herb pasta and egg 35 CZK
1. Serbian risotto with pork meat, cheese, gherkin 95 CZK
2. Grilled rabbit ridge with mediterranean vegetable, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella
and black lens salad 105 CZK



Slovakian cabbage soup with sausage and mushrooms 35 CZK
1. Fried cheese sýrů (eidam, hermelin), boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 95 CZK
2. Tortilla stuffed with chicken meat and salad, garlic dresing 105 CZK


Broccoli cream soup with bacon 35 CZK
1. Lasagne Bolognese with psarmasan cheese 95 CZK
2. Grilled pork neck, champignons ragout, baked potatoes 105 CZK


Hen broth with meat, vegetable and noodles 35 CZK
1. Penne Arrabbiata with fresh parsley 95 CZK
2. Chicken medallions friede in cheese dough, potato purée, tomato salad 105 CZK


Speciality of the week
150g Wellington from pork tenderloin, green peas purée, grilled champignons 195 CZK

Daily dessert
100g Mousse from white chocolate, grenadina sauce 65 CZK