25.9. – 29.9.2017

11:00 - 14:00

Cauliflower with white bread croutons 35 CZK
1. Dutch pork schnitzel with cheese, mashed potatoes with fried bacon and onion,
cucumber salad 95 CZK
2. Beef roll stuffed with egg, bacon and gherkin, steamed rice 105 CZK

Beef broth with liver dumplings and julienne vegetables 35 CZK
1. Boiled beef neck, dill sauce, homemade bread Dumplings 95 CZK
2. Grilled turkey steak stuffed with herb butter, vegetable tarragon with onion 105 CZK


Dill creamy soup with mushrooms and cream 35 CZK
1. Grilled chicken thigh steak marinated in BBQ, baked potato stuffed with ricotta 95 CZK
2. Roast duck thigh, stewed cabbage, dumplings 105 CZK


Public holiday - open from 12:00


Smoked soup with groats 35 CZK
1. Chicken skewer with cherry tomatoes and basil, potato puree with dried tomatoes 95 CZK
2. Fried pork schnitzel, Viennese potato salad 105 CZK


Speciality of the week
150g Filet of codfish on butter with Romanesque and cauliflower puree, sweet potato chips 155 CZK

Daily dessert
100g Mille feuille with yolk cream and raspberries 65 CZK