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Barbecue on the terrace with live musician

16.05.2019 - 16.05.2019

Dear guests,

we invite you to this firts barbecue, which will be held
on Thursday, 16th of May 2019 from 5 p.m. on the terrace
of our restaurant.

Menu of grilled specialities
170g Codfih skrei with avocado dip with lime 249 CZK
250g Chicken supreme from corn chicken stuffed with goast cheese and fennel 245 CZK
200g Veal steak marinated in lime yoghurt 285 CZK
300g Ribeye steak with Maldon´s salt 415 CZK
200g Ostrich steak marinated in port wine 320 CZK

Side dish
200g Grilled vegetable (zucchini, eggplant, pepper,
champignons, red onion) 65 CZK
200g Lettuce salad with asparagus, radish, orange
and honey dresing 65 CZK
200g Roasted grenaille with herb butter 55 CZK
1ks Baguette with pesto 49 CZK

Chilli plum sauce 45 CZK
Green pepepr sauce 45 CZK
Avocado dip 45 CZK

You can also choose from our regural á la carte menu.

Reservations and information call 545 176 565
or email to info@sunset-restaurant.cz.
Upcoming events can be seen on the facebook
or on our website.

Sunset restaurant team is looking forward to your visit