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BBQ on the terrace with music band Sixmen!

28.05.2019 - 28.05.2019

Menu of grilled specialities
150g Grilled tunafish marinated in lemon 395 CZK
200g Veal rumpsteak with capary butter 295 CZK
200g Ostrich steak marinated in herb oil 315 CZK
250g Sliced beef hanger steak marinated in Dijon marinade 215 CZK
400g Pork ribs with honey-beer marinade grilled corn cob with butter and coarse-grained salt baked herb bread 245 CZK

Side dish
200g Grilled zucchini and eggplant
with garlic butter 65 CZK
200g Roasted grenaille with basil pesto 65 CZK
200g Greece salad with black olives and feta cheese 75 CZK

Creamy pepper sauce 45 CZK
BBQ sauce with smoked red pepper 45 CZK
Sweet-sour chilli sauce 45 CZK

You can also choose from our regural á la carte menu.

Reservations and information call 545 176 565
or email to info@sunset-restaurant.cz.

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