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Grandma´s cousine

05.02.2019 - 13.02.2019

50g Rabbit parfait in chocolate crust
with hazelnuts, cherry sauce 115 CZK

0,25l Potato soup
with mushrooms 69 CZK

Main dishes
200g Grilled chicken corny breast supreme
cream groats with chanterelles and parsley pesto, cheese chips 235 CZK

150g Confit veal cheeks
buttermilk and dill sauce, Carlsbad dumplings 295 CZK

150g Rabbit saddle roulade
stuffed with duck livers wrapped in midriff, pumpkin purée with parsley, glazed carrot in cane sugar 275 CZK

120g Plum cake
with cinnamo-pear cream 105 CZK

Reservations and information call 545 176 565 or email to info@sunset-restaurant.cz.