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Venison feast

09.10.2018 - 27.10.2018

Dear guests,
we would like to invite you to a venison feast.
The autumn time has started, so we have created a seasonal
menu that consists typical food for this season.
Therefore, come and taste the specialties of the game.

70g Homemade venison terrine, fig chutney, parsley
pesto, baked baguette 135 CZK

0,25l Boar goulash soup 69 CZK

Main dishes
150g Boar sous-vide, rose-hip sauce,
gingerbread dumplings 265 CZK

150g Deer fried schnitzels, homemade potato salad
with mayonnaise, lemon 295 CZK

150g Baked moufflon shoulder
with garliec and rosemary, mashed potatoes
with bacon and onion 275 CZK

150g Steak from deer ridge, mushrooms sauce,
homemade potato pancake 425 CZK

2pc Homemade slapjack, sour cream, forest fruit 105 CZK


We look forward to your visit and enjoy your meal.

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