Daily menu - Sunset restaurant Brno

11.2. – 15.2.2019

11:00 - 14:00

Lentils soup with sausage 35 CZK
1. Pork skewer, baked potatoes with thyme, tartar sauce 105 CZK
2. Turkey steak marinated with lemon and ginger, curry rice, glazed carrot 115 CZK


Chicken broth with meat, vegeteable and liver rice 35 CZK
1. Tortilla with chicken meat, vegetable, herb dip, french fries and coleslaw 105 CZK
2. Pork schnitzel with herb dough, potato gratin with cream 115 CZK


Goulash soup 35 CZK
1. Linguine quattro formaggi, chicken nuggets, aragula 105 CZK
2. Slowly baked chuck tender, roasted green beans with bacon,
mashed potatoes with curd and chive 115 CZK


Pumpkin creamy soup with ginger and cream 35 CZK
1. Fried champignons stuffed with blue cheese, parsley potatoes, tartar sauce 105 CZK
2. Chicken stuffed with zucchini and sundried tomato, jasmin rice, wine sauce 115 CZK

Beef broth with meat, vegetable and noodles 35 CZK
1. Pork cutlet steak marinated in BBQ, wedges, herb dip 105 CZK
2. Slowly stewed beef cheeks with root vegetable and red wine,
potato purée with roasted onion 115 CZK


Speciality of the week
150g Pork tenderloin „sous vide“ wrapped in bacon
green peas purée with mint, demi-glace 175 CZK

Daily dessert
120g Chocolate cake with fresh fruit 75 CZK