Daily menu - Sunset restaurant Brno

15.7. – 19.7.2019

11:00 - 14:00

Kale soup with sausage 35 CZK
1. Lettuce salad with radish, yoghurt dip, fried champignons, baguette 105 CZK
2. Pork cutlet steak in BBQ marinade, mashed potatoes with bacon and onion,
cabbage salad with dill, feferoni dip 115 CZK


Beef broth with meat, vegetable and batter 35 CZK
1. Slowly baked pork brisket stuffed with herb stuffing, stewed spinach,
potato dumplings 105 CZK
2. Gordon-bleu, parsley potatoes, cucumber salad 115 CZK



Open 14:00-23:00



Hen soup with meat, vegetable and batter 35 CZK
1. Szegedini goulash with creme vraiche, bread dumplings 105 CZK
2. Chicken supreme stuffed with bacon, roasted green beans with shallots,
potato purée 115 CZK


Potato soup with mushrooms 35 CZK
1. Slowly baked shoulder with cranberries crust, vegetable rice,
lettuce salad with vinagrette 105 CZK
2. Chicken thigh steak marinated in lemon, grilled vegetable,
gratin potatoes with baby spinach 115 CZK


Speciality of the week
300g Lettuce salad with bulgur, cherry tomato, fried chicken strips,
balsamico dresing, herb baguette 175 CZK


Daily dessert
100g Chocolate cake with mascarpone cream, strawberries 75 CZK